1) I have been recently working on the multiple upgrade (done a long long time ago), migration (done a long time ago), optimizing and tuning (done) of my online web hosting and web systems, plus the DIY VPN system for better computer networking and Internet security and privacy (done for a while), Drupal multiple websites upgrade from D6 to D9 (already made a lot of progress, but this isn't the high priority task at the moment, so will be on hold for a while)

I'm also looking for suitable IT/Telco jobs matching my IT/Telco Tech backgrounds. The enhanced experiences, skills and technologies from my work to independently develop my own IT/Telco Tech business and its products/systems can better facilitate my job searches (only looking for roles in Auckland or being able to work remotely from my home office in Auckland. For online safety, I'm using my DIY VPN service from home for online research, study and IT/Telco product/system development implementation). When I work for my own ICT Tech startup business and its products/systems development, I'm an all-rounder doing everything from research, to design, implement, test and maintain, and can be sure of the good quality products/systems developed all in my own hand. If now I want to work for others, the most suitable and matching role for me is the CTO at the Tech startup companies, as I don't think it is likely that any companies would like to offer the role as the end-to-end product owner, i.e. the role of product/system development from research, to design, implement, test and maintain
2) Recently a) I have been alone working on the Drone DIY kit configuration, tuning and testing task within my own property area, the progress is smooth and I have an approach to keep things under control and safe when working on this task inside my property. This is a fun task, as I expected before b) I have also been alone working on the configuration, programming, reinstallation of the Bosch security burglar alarm system onto my father's new property he recently relocated to, plus the configuration of the remote monitoring feature of this system via the Telco system c) Moreover I have also been alone working on the repairing the minor electronic/electrical fault of the 12 years old HRV (Home Recovery Ventilation) system installed in my own property, upgrading it to a recently purchased 10 years old working HRV + summer kit system, doing the self-installation by myself into the roof cavity of my property. Both of my old HRV system and the purchased HRV + summer kit system are working well, except for a couple of very minor issues which are unimportant at this stage. Both systems could be used as the backup for each other, if one of them has problem, but it doesn't seem it is likely that anyone of them could have issues in the following a couple of years d) I have been multi-tasked working on these tasks simultaneously, and they cover the areas of electronics, electrical, telecommunication, radio, computer system and programming, mechanics etc e) All these systems have been working well for quite a while, and I'm working on making them better and with more impressive features/functionalities f) I have already started the garden fruit trees and vegetable planting task. There is going to be a lot of research and experiments involved. Look forward to becoming a self-sufficient vegetarian in a few years. When the time comes, I need to install more fences and upgrade the security system around my property to prevent the people intruding into my garden without my permission g) I'd like to say that so far all the above tasks, plus the web hosting and Drupal multi-websites upgrade tasks have been simultaneously under implementation by myself alone, and I will alone make a schedule to implement them on a case-by-case basis. I'm aware that some people, e.g. some of my neighbours, some of my previous flatmates and other previously mentioned people have been trying to interfere with my progress, stealing credits from what I achieved by myself alone. Why can they do this? As they're conspiring with my ISP (Internet Service Provider) and other online organizations to remotely monitor my online research, purchasing activities, with the advanced online security breaching tools offered by these organizations, to remotely learn from me, to follow me, to copy from me, to remotely predict what I'm going to do next. Multi-tasking is one way to eliminate the negative impact of this kind of interference, and make them difficult to predict
3) My property has been in great condition, even in the very harsh rainstorm weather condition. I have never intended to sell my property at all. It is the place for my own living and my Tech business and products/systems development (research, design and implementation)
4) For my own Tech business and products/systems development tasks, and my own home DIY improvement tasks, I have always independently implemented them by myself alone (except of that my father offered me 1% assistance at end of 2014 when I alone renewed the insulation material at the roof cavity of my property) without anyone else assistance, as with my great background, being very diligent and creative, I don't need anyone's assistance for these tasks
5) The garden tasks (i.e. the vegetables & fruit trees planting tasks) I planned before are in the low priority, and I will start to kick off them later whenever I consider it is necessary
6) I have been mentally and physically in great health, and working alone at home for long hours everyday. I go out shopping, and bring back other foods from my father's place, once every few weeks. During this Covid-19 pandemic era, I have been in great 2nd to none isolation mode. I got my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Covid-19 vaccinations (Pfizer-BioNTech) done at 14th Sept 2021, 5th Oct 2021 and 5th Feb 2022. The symptoms of all 3 jabs are similar - starting to feel very minor sore at the jabbing point a couple of hours after the vaccination, and the symptom was disappeared in about 1.5 days. See "My Covid Record" on http://cloudtelephony.win/misc.html page